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TVD Vinyl Decals

Decals for Tacoma /Tundra/4Runner/Sequoia Steering Wheel Phone Buttons

Decals for Tacoma /Tundra/4Runner/Sequoia Steering Wheel Phone Buttons


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These steering wheel phone button overlay decals for your 2016+ Tacoma, 2014+ Tundra, 2010+ 4Runner, or 2015+ Sequoia are designed to mimic the colors of the Answer and End Call buttons on your infotainment screen and mobile phone. You will love how it makes the steering wheel buttons much easier to identify and use.

  • Red and green decals are applied directly over steering wheel button
  • Cutouts allow the illuminated phone icons to be visible
  • Mimics the appearance of the answer/hangup buttons on the head unit
  • Makes it easier to distinguish the buttons when making or answering a call
  • Made from ultra thin Oracal 751 premium cast vinyl with a 8 year durability rating
  • Includes two sets of decals
  • Lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking, and shrinking
  • Normally ships within one business day!


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