We have detailed application instructions for most of our products. Scroll down to select the your vehicle and the click on the vinyl decals that you purchase to download them. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We also provide free replacements if you have issues applying decals.

FLAG and MOUNTAIN DECALS: Our flag and mountain decals are applied like a window sticker. Simply peel the clear transfer tape and apply the decal to the desired location. Press it down firmly, then peel back the transfer tape to reveal the decal. If any bubbles occur, they normally go away within a couple of weeks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Decals that are not applied using transfer tape should never be peeled like stickers. This can damage the edge of the decal. We recommend using masking tape to cleanly separate the decal from the backing paper as shown below. Please refer to the detailed application instructions for more information.


Application Instructions:

Chevrolet Colorado Decals

Chevrolet Silverado Decals

Chevrolet Tahoe Decals

Ford Bronco/Bronco Sport Decals

Ford Explorer Decals

Ford F-150 Decals

Ford F-250/F-350 Super Duty Decals

Ford Maverick Decals

Ford Ranger Decals

GMC Sierra Decals

GMC Canyon Decals

Honda Pilot Decals

Honda Ridgeline Decals

Hyundai Palisade Decals

Hyundai Santa Cruz Decals

Jeep Cherokee Decals

Jeep Grand Cherokee Decals

Jeep Gladiator Decals

Jeep Wrangler Decals

Land Rover Range Rover Decals

Nissan Frontier Decals

Nissan Titan Decals

RAM 1500 Decals

Tesla Decals

Toyota 4Runner Decals

Toyota Corolla GR-Four Decals

Toyota FJ Cruiser Decals

Toyota Grand Highlander Decals

Toyota Land Cruiser Decals

Toyota RAV4 Decals

Toyota Sequoia Decals

Toyota Tacoma Decals

Toyota Tundra Decals

Application Videos:

Tundra TRD Grille Decals

Tundra Tailgate, Grille, and Emblem Decals Video

Tundra AC Vent Ring Blackout Decal Video

Wheel Decals

Maverick Tailgate Inserts Install Video

Tacoma Tailgate Inserts Install Video

Tacoma Door Sill Protector and Glove Box Inlay Decals Install Video

F-Series Platinum Tailgate Inserts Install Video

Super Duty Inserts Install Video

RAM Emblem Inlay Decals (Dry Application) Video

You can also search YouTube for "TVD Vinyl" for other videos that our customers have made.

More videos coming soon!