My Bank / Paypal / Credit Card shows two charges. Why have I been charged twice?

This is something becoming more and more common in the past few years with the explosion of e-commerce and the multiple payment methods that have become available. We decided to write this article for a bit of explanation, although this can be Googled fairly easily.

Firstly, we physically cannot charge twice. All payments are processed by Paypal, Stripe, Afterpay, Zip, Shopify, etc. We never see your credit card or payment details directly.

What you're likely seeing are "Authorization Charges." These are done by your bank, Paypal, etc, not us. 

What is an Authorization Charge?

Essentially, when you attempt a transaction, a request is sent to the issuing Bank / Paypal / Etc to see if X amount of funds are available. As long as they are, then an authorization is created on your account by your Bank / Paypal / Etc.

This authorization takes the funds away from your available credit. Once payment is captured by us, your bank / Paypal / Etc will release the Authorization Charge, generally in 1-4 business days after they have fully processed the payment.

This is 100% between your Bank / Paypal / Etc. and you.

More Information:

You can contact your Bank / Paypal / Credit Card issuer for more or Google for more information.